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Open: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Closed: Tuesdays and Major Holidays

Drop-off and Pick-up times: 8-9 AM 5-6 PM

Boarding: I provide food and treats, but you can bring your own food and treats if your pet has a special diet or allergy. I have blankets, but feel free to bring your petís favorite blanket, bedding and toy.

  • 1 dog $ 20 a day
  • 2 dogs - $36 a day if they can share the same sleeping quarters. If not than its $20 per dog
  • 3 dogs - $36 plus. If not than its $20 per dog.
  • 1 cat - $14/day
  • 2 cats - $24/day
  • 3 cats - $30/day
Grooming:Your pet will receive a bath, a shave and its toes clipped. I can also de-skunk your pet!
The price for grooming depends on the weight of the animal and time spent on grooming.



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