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  • Dear Family, I'm having fun at camp!
  • Dear Family, I'm having fun at camp!
  • Dear Family, I'm having fun at camp!
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Welcome to the North Danville Pet Hotel website. Iím Laurie Speicher, the owner. I pride myself in the fact that the Pet Hotel isnít just a kennel, itís a camp! I board both dogs and cats. For the dogs there are individual kennels which consists of an indoor and outdoor quarters. The cats have their own separate room with a window and perch to look out of.

In the summer your pet can relax in the air-conditioning. In the winter they will be toasty warm with the radiant heat! There are two social areas for them to run around and play with other dogs. There is one for larger dogs and one for smaller ones. I feed the animals at 7 am. Your dog wonít be stuck inside for its entire stay. They are in and out all morning long. By 12:00 they are put into their individual kennels for their down time. At 4 pm they are feed. They are put out at 7 pm for their last run around before bed.

Not only do I board dogs and cats, but I also groom them! You can have your pet groomed during its stay. You can also call and make an appointment.

You will go on vacation knowing that your pet will be given the same amount care they get at home.